Often new Enterprise Content Management platforms are under used because no time is given to the training and education of users. Take-up of the new system will be slower than if people have been given the time to explore the system and get excited. Consequently, the Return on Investment will be smaller and take longer to achieve.

Training is not just about how to use the software. A session where direct face to face contact takes place with all users can build engagement and excitement, it is also a chance to disseminate any corporate messages about the system, why it’s being done, the particular benefits per department, how it is integrated with other systems, what this means for the way people work etc..

Face to face sessions will uncover new ideas about how to fully utilize the platform and further embed it into business processes. It is also a chance for users to get excited about new ways of working and is an opportunity to identify extra local champions or administrators who will ensure that the most is being made of the new system and that its use will be sustainable in the long term.

Agile can design and deliver ‘one size fits all’ or departmentally focussed classroom training or develop online training materials. Our end of training ‘test’ and a feedback form will give reassurance that the courses are really beneficial.


  • Date : 19th July 2018
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