Project Implementation


Implementing Enterprise Content Management or even just Document Management can be a complex undertaking. The reasons these projects fail relate to one or all of; a lack of understanding, buy in, or communication. Also such projects are actually business transformation exercises to some degree or another, depending on the size of the organisation and its information management maturity.

There are many different aspects that need to be defined and managed for any project to be a success. Some of these are; the analysis and design – to ensure the system works correctly for the intended audience, stakeholder support and resourcing – to ensure that and migration of legacy content.

Agile IM will help you define the project encompassing the different streams of work that need to be undertaken, define what success will look like for your organisation and specify and hire the people to do the work. We will also help you define the Business as Usual activities so that any solution is sustainable and all potential benefits are realised.


  • Client : Envato
  • Date : 18th April 2014
  • Tags : Projects, Social