ECM Audit


Content is everywhere in the modern workplace; it is a key part of internal workflows and external interactions. All office workers either create or consume content to some degree as part of daily activities and the amount is said to be increasing at an alarming rate. (put in diagram here).

Your organisation may be suffering from inefficiencies in the way people interact with content, duplicated or un-validated drawings may be exposing the organisation to the risk of a safety incident or maybe your corporate information is not optimally managed and will therefore be costing much more than it should be.

Agile IM will investigate the state of your content management. Some of the questions to be answered are: where and how it is stored, how it is used, who it is shared with, how old it is, is it accessible to all those that need it, is it categorised correctly, do policies and procedures exist (are they enforced?), is it actively managed and can people find all that they need quickly.

Risks, inefficiencies, complexity and unnecessary costs will be identified. We will provide recommendations to reduce or eliminate those areas, increase effectiveness and help you gain the greatest value from your corporate content.


  • Date : 18th April 2014
  • Tags : ECM, Information, Projects, Social, Training