ECM Strategy & Roadmap


Not managing corporate content successfully exposes an organisation to a greater risk of bad decisions or even a safety incident through out of date or un-validated information. It also means higher costs and complexity and reduces effectiveness and efficiency. If you want to regain control over your most valuable content then a comprehensive Enterprise Content Management (ECM) capability will solve these problems and bring many more benefits.

However, implementing ECM is more than rolling out a new system. It comprises a combination of policy, tools and new ways of working.

An ECM strategy will answer questions like,

  • ‘Why are we doing this?’
  • ‘What do we need to do in what order?’
  • ‘Who should be involved?’

amongst others.

The current situation is analysed, unearthing pain points and opportunities for improvement. The vision for how to create, use and manage content will be developed for senior stakeholders. The difference between the current situation and the vision will drive out the elements that need to be on the roadmap.

The strategy will focus on areas of risk, regulatory compliance and operational efficiency. You will also receive a set of policy, resourcing, process and technology recommendations.


  • Date : 18th April 2014
  • Tags : Information, Social