Document Scanning & AI


Converting thousands of items of incoming correspondence into electronic documents and sending them to the correct department can be a very slow and manual process involving many people sorting and batching piles of paper and the use of expensive software.

However with the dawn of the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning there is software that will read of any type of paper document and come to the correct decision as to what process to assign the document to. This means that the paper does not need to be manually sorted. It is just batched up with no separators and fed into the scanner; the software knows where one ‘case’ stops and the next one starts and each ‘case’ can be sent to the correct process within a workflow tool. The exceptions are brought to the attention of an operator who makes a decision from which the software learns for next time.

Agile will help you discover how your capture processes can be more effective whilst also reducing the cost of your operations.


  • Date : 19th July 2018
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