Content Migration


Sometimes it is hard to know what to do with existing corporate content during the implementation of a new document management system. But including migration in the planning is key to managing expectations and the tasks can be misunderstood and not have enough resources assigned to them. The consequence of this is that the new system goes in and is seen as yet another place to store documents with many users continuing to work in the old ways. Implementing a new system full of valuable content that people use daily is the best measure of success.

There are several ways in which to tackle the migration of such content, from archiving everything and starting afresh in the new system to moving everything after a cleansing and categorising exercise. Variables like how much information exists, who is going to do the work and defining naming conventions, to name but a few, all affect the timescales and cost but also the benefit and ROI.

Agile will help you create a migration strategy, communicate the benefits of migrating correctly, define the tasks and ensure users are properly bought in. An analysis exercise with key users will produce taxonomies, metadata and security models that will enable all potential benefits to be realised.


  • Date : 15th October 2014
  • Tags : Information, Projects, Social