Business Case


For a business to reach its full potential it must manage its information successfully. A large part of this means managing content effectively. Many organisations are not deriving the most value from their corporate content and could be making bad decisions due to out or date or incorrect information.

A business case will satisfy key stakeholders and others in the business that implementing enterprise content management or just document and records management is worth it. It will also help to define the benefits of ECM for your organisation. Agile IM will create the business case for Enterprise Content Management in your organisation. The real pain points currently posing a risk to your operations will be discovered, expected benefits will be defined and the costs, ROI and the high level tasks will be outlined. Also covered will be the high level work items to make it happen.

To gain senior management buy-in we will work with key stakeholders to build commitment and ensure that common pitfalls are avoided. Different options will be presented and a we will recommend what we believe to be the best solution for you. The result will be a clear way forward with well-defined, realisable benefits.


  • Client : Envato
  • Date : 18th April 2014
  • Tags : ECM, Information, Projects, Social, Training